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High Fidelity Stereo Vacuum Tube Components and Speakers

All Components Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.
from U.S. and Global Components

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Customer Comments

"The Lolita Amplifier so exceeded even my high expectations as to seem like a minor miracle.  It sounds absolutely wonderful regardless of the type of music I play through it.  Everyone who has heard it loves it as well and a few people who thought they didn't really care about music or hi-fi now have at least a little enlightenment....I think it is a tremendous bargain.  It is so beautifully built and great fun to look at while it is working its magic."  Tom P.  (WI)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I like the amp that I purchased from your company.  The sound is wonderful and fills the living room with music that is as close to a live performance than one could hope.  I recently played some classical music for the Choral Director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and he was absolutely astonished how realistic and rich a sound I was able to achieve...I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your company on the web and that I purchased this amp.  I couldn't have done better."  Michael (CA)  Royale SE Series 2 Integrated Amplifier

"The Lolita Amp mated to a full-range speaker pair is amazing.  I would say it's something between a match made in Hi Fi Heaven and a marriage in High End Paradise."  Vu (Germany)

"I have invested in audio equipment at all price levels my entire life.  Honestly, the value, construction and MOST IMPORTANT "the sound" of the Wright Phono Stage is incredible.  So natural and easy to listen to.  Compared to many other much more expensive audio equipment I have invested in, this is truly outstanding sound at a very reasonable price.  Also the owners at Wright Audio are very helpful and just plain nice people. 
Highest Recommendation!"  Dick Kochanek

"Fabulous product." Jerry L. (FL) Royale SE Series 2 Integrated Amplifier

"Amplifier as described, packed very well, shipped promptly, good transaction.  Thanks!"  Stephen G. (PA) Royale SE Power Amplifier

"Now that I've experienced the sound of the LT-4 (preamplifier)  in conjunction with other fine components, my conclusion is WOW. I could wax poetic if I had more time and I will mention the amazing color the pre-amp has lent the sound reproduction...the system is such a delight to the ears..Let me thank you for a wonderful product that has proven both durable and exceptionally sonorous -- I guess what I thought were late-night auditory hallucinations by tube fanatics did not in fact necessarily involve controlled substances."  Erich P. (VA)  L-3 Preamplifier

"This preamp is great. The more I listen, the better it is.  Thanks for all the phone conversations".  Craig S. (PA) PLT-1 Preamplifier

"I am completely satisfied with both the amplifier and your company.  The amp is just what I would have constructed, had I the talent and skill.  The sound has the 'tube magic' at a realistic price and my wife calls its appearance a 'work of art'. I agree. It's nice to see that value for the dollar and craftsmanship still have real meaning."  John S. (MI) P-75 Power Amplifier

"I really enjoy your product immensely.  I find your tube amp vastly superior to solid state amp in the area of fuller sound, more depth, and clarity and definitely sounds more realistic."  Grover H. (IN)

"Probably one of the most elegant looking components I have ever seen! Sounds great too! Nice and clear. Keep it up guys!" William H. (NY) LT-1 Preamplifier

"One of the most beautiful amplifiers both sonically and aesthetically that I have ever seen.  Drives the Apogees with great ease. Great job."  Steve G. (NY) P-75A Power Amplifier

"Love it!! Thank you for the flexibility of this product.  Makes my ribbons sound like candy and my kevlar mids sing! Thanks!" Jason S.  (TN) LGP-1 Preamplifier

"A thoroughly beautiful instrument.   Detail and imaging are flawless.  A great joy to listen to and look at!"   Forest Y. (CO) P-75 Power Amplifier

"This amp really cooks! Thanks!"   Don C. (NC)

"I am very satisfied with the P-75 and wish to congratulate you on the product of a Fine Amp.  I am continuing to appreciate its performance as time goes on.  In my initial impressions, I find it to be an aesthetically artful and a sonically revealing amplifier which resects "classical" musical instruments." Pat S. (NJ)

"Handsomely designed, sound excellent!" John N. (PA) Stereo 75 Integrated Amplifier


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