Updated Dec 16, 2019

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The Wright Audio
L-5 Stereo Preamplifier and Control Center

Just Listen.

Preamplifier-level signals are at their most delicate and it is at this stage which requires tube-type amplification to preserve the signal's integrity.  Many audiophiles and music lovers prefer to use our tube preamplifiers with solid state power amplifiers or powered speakers.

The Wright Audio L- 5 Preamplifier provides two important solutions:

1.)  To provide the gain, low impedance output and control functions necessary for a power amplifier driving a full-range speaker system.

2.)  In a biamplified system to provide: 
A.)  A high pass output with adjustable low frequency rolloff for use with a power amplifier driving the mid and high frequency ranges.
B.)  A low impedance output for an external subwoofer crossover / amplifier system.

To use the variable high pass control and output, the input impedance of the power amplifier should be between 100K and 500K ohms, a common specification for tube power amplifiers.  This specification is provided by the power amplifier manufacturer and often can be changed by a qualified technician to match the requirement if necessary. 

The L- 5 Preamplifier offers the dynamics, soundstage dimensionality, nuance and clarity which make listening to music the indescribable joy it should be.

Features and Specifications

  • Controls: 
    Source Selector (Spare 1, CD, Tuner, Tape, Video, Spare 2)
    Processor / Spare 3
    Separate Left and Right Channel Level Controls for Channel Balance and to match different power amplifier sensitivity specifications.
    Main Matched-Channel Alps Custom Stereo Volume Control
    Record Output Selector (Off, 1, 2, 3)
    Low Frequency Rolloff Switch (Flat, A, B, C)

  • Accommodates any analog line level input except Phono or digital source with an analog output.

  • Best used with power amplifiers having a sensitivity rating of 1 to 2 volts.

  • Three fixed-level outputs for recording devices or connection to a separate 'whole house' line distribution amplifier or transmitter for wireless sound distribution.

  • Signal Processor Loop which may be used with a frequency equalizer or similar device.

  • A variable high pass output for driving tube power amplifiers to the main speakers in a biamplified system.  This output provides 6db per octave rolloff at approximately 100, 160, and 250 cycles as well as 'Flat' (no rolloff).   This output requires that the power amplifier(s) have an input impedance of between 100K and 500K ohms (250K ohms optimum).  Use with interconnecting cable up to 40 feet.

  • An output for driving tube or solid-state power amplifiers, active crossovers and external subwoofer systems.  This output is for devices with 25K ohms or higher input impedances.  Use with interconnecting cable up to 40 feet.

  • Individually-mounted high quality RCA Input and Output jacks.

  • Highest-quality parts used based on listening tests.  Uses ( 3 ) ECC83 type tubes.  This type was chosen due to the widest variety of tubes available to match sound to preference.

  • Separate, choke-filtered power supply eliminates A.C. fields and transformer mechanical vibration from the main control chassis for lowest noise level and greatest sound purity. 

  • Separate Left and Right Channel power supply capacitor banks for lowest inter-channel crosstalk and best sonic imagery.

  • Frequency Response:  12 - 30,000 cycles, minus 1 dB points.

  • Harmonic Distortion:  Under .05%, 2 volt output.  Maximum output: 30 volts, both high and low-impedance outputs.

  • Heavy, one-eighth inch and .090 thick black anodized aluminum panel construction with gold epoxy lettering.

  • Solid, dark oak side panels.

  • All point-to-point wiring.  Non-obsolescent construction.  No circuit boards used for ease of installation of upgrades.

  • Overall Size (Control Unit + Power Supply): 
    18" wide X 10.5" high X  8.5" deep.  Cable installation and changes are exceptionally easy because of the shallow depth.


  • Shipping Weight:  21 lbs. total, both units.   Net Weight:  15 lbs. total, both units.


  • Available for 120 volts, 50 / 60 Cycles only.  Detachable Power Cord. 

  • Designed and Assembled in U.S. using U.S. and global components.


Instruction Manual

L-5 + PS-2 Power Supply
. Shipping: $49

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