English Chamber Barrel Organ, circa 1790
Manufactured by Longman and Broderip, 26 Cheapside and 13 Haymarket Streets, London. 


This very rare and significant piece is the first 'full-size' mechanical device designed solely to reproduce music in the home.
Think about that.

It predates all cylinder and interchangeable disc 'music boxes' which would begin to become available about a couple decades later.

It is derivative of English church barrel organs, scaled down for use in home parlors of the upper class.

There are very few of these left in the world and this is the only one seen in this particular, more ornate, cabinet style.

Supplied with (3) 16 1/2 interchangeable barrels each with 10 tunes for a total of 30, including "Marseilles March" and "The Irish Washerwoman".  All barrels play correctly.

Some songs we know today are because they were "pinned for posterity" on the barrels of these earliest organs.

Barrels are stored in a separate compartment which opens in the side of the base of the organ and are changed through the flap in the left side of the case.

Drum and triangle occupy top part of the cabinet in the front, barrel in center and the bellows below.

Dimensions: 24 wide, 17 3/4 deep, 53 high

It is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition.

Six stops (1 drum, 1 triangle)

17 Keys including drum, triangle

60 Pipes:

1 rank 15 wooden pipes (closed Diapason)
1 rank 15 lead pipes (Principle)
1 rank 15 lead pipes (12th)
1 rank 15 lead pipes (15th)

Signed on barrels:
 "Longman & Broderip... Manufacture, Repair, and Sell, Wholesale and Retail, Organs, Piano Fortes, Harpsichords, Spinnets, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Fifes, Horns, Clarinets and every other kind of Musical Instrument. Also Engrave & Print the greatest variety of Music by the most approved Masters. Harpsichords, Piano Fortes and Spinnets Tuned in Town & Country, on the most reasonable Terms by the Year, Quarter, or Pr. Time. N.B. Import the best Roman Strings & genuine German Wire. Large Allowance to Merchants, Captains of Ships & others who take for Sale."

With its beautiful, polished mahogany cabinet, carved and inlayed designs on the legs and the borders, it is a fine period antique in excellent condition.

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