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The Wright Audio
PCC-1 Passive Control Center
With 8 Stereo Analog Source Inputs


The Wright Audio PCC-1 Passive Control Center is for the music lover requiring absolute signal integrity and who prefers to  listen to recordings as issued in their original source analog format.  This usually results in an accumulation of more source components (Phono, Tuner, Tape, etc.) than can be  accommodated in the usual active or passive control unit.   Of course, the PCC-1 is also compatible with all modern digital sources as long as an analog output is provided.

Also, some power amplifiers, both vintage and modern, do not benefit from the additional amplification provided by a preamplifier.  In these circumstances, Wright Audio's PCC Passive Control Center provides all the input and output switching necessary with a custom high quality stereo volume control.

Because the Wright Audio PCC Passive Control Center is devoted only to switching and to control of the volume with no power requirement, the switching layout and construction is optimized for ultimate signal integrity, more so than is usually possible with an active preamplifier. 

All switches 'leak' signals across their contacts and decks due to capacitance coupling.  Physically separating the left and right channel switching, along with all its associated connections, maintains absolute left and right channel separation so you can hear the original source's soundstage and imaging characteristics as it was intended.

As is true with any similar completely passive unit with a volume control, the cable drive capability after the volume control is determined by the ability of the source component as well as the quality of the interconnecting cables.  To derive maximum benefit from any similar passive control device, the connecting cable after the passive volume control must be kept short, preferably no more than two feet.   Farther distances may cause a noticeable high frequency loss due to the series resistance of the volume control interacting with the capacitance of the interconnecting cable.



1.)  For up to 8 analog stereo sources.  Separate Left and Right Channel Input Selectors:  Spare 1,  Phono (requires separate phono preamplifier stage),  CD1, CD2, Video, Tuner, Tape, Spare 2.

2.)  Three "fixed level" outputs to be used for recording devices, for a "whole house" music distribution system or for a headphone amplifier which has a volume control.

The separate Left and Right Channel "Fixed Level Output" switches direct the chosen input to each of the three outputs individually, thereby isolating the connected components from each other, while the 'Off" position disconnects and isolates all the fixed outputs from the main signal path.

3.)  Completely passive, no AC power required.

4.)  Custom-made conductive plastic, volume control with both channels matched within one percent.

5.)  One pair each RCA and XLR female jacks for the main variable-level outputs (single-ended).  The use of the XLR jacks is a much more physically secure and safe method of connecting a power amplifier or signal processor and helps prevent accidental disconnection while the system is powered on to prevent speaker damage.  They also facilitate connection to professional signal processing equipment.  (Use only the RCA jacks OR the XLR jacks.)   A pair of female to male XLR adapters are also included.

Please note that these XLR outputs provide a single-ended output only, not balanced.

6.)  The PCC's shallow depth, just over 4 inches, minimizes the internal wiring length for the shortest possible signal path and allows easy access to its back panel for wiring changes.

7.)  All steel construction with aluminum front / rear plates with gold anodized lettering that can never wear off.  Same manufacturing process used on signs on submarines in the U.S. Navy!

8.)  All switches and sockets are individually mounted and "hard wired" (no circuit boards).   Any switch and socket may be replaced in case of wear.


PCC-1 Back

* Size:  17" Width x 5" Depth X 3" Height

* Shipping Weight:  8 lbs.

Three Year Warranty

*  Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. with Global components.

$550 + $28 Shipping (Continental U.S.) = $578


Please email or call (971) 983-8012 to order.


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