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The Wright Audio

Model 10-PH

Combination Ceiling-Suspended Speaker / Plant Hanger for Home and Commercial Use.

Wright Audio 10PH Ceiling-Suspended Speakers

The Gift of Music Belongs In Every Room

One of the more frustrating problems of installing music systems is where and how to place the speakers. How can you have music throughout your home without ugly speaker boxes or the expensive installation costs and permanent wall damage of built - ins?  Or maybe you need multiple pairs of speakers for that home theater surround- sound system you want  -  speakers that won't upset your décor.

The Wright Audio Ambience 10-PH Speaker is designed to actually enhance your décor with its ability to suspend living or artificial plants.

Suspending the speaker away from walls also results in an open, smooth and spacious sound, eliminating unwanted diffraction and reflection problems caused by nearby boundaries and surfaces.

Among the many uses for this speaker is in a home office, bedroom and dining room or for home theater where they look and sound great framing a large-screen TV.  They may also be used for surround sound, where one or more pairs may be suspended around the periphery of the room.  For surround use, the speakers may be swiveled to point at an angle to the rear or side walls to create a directionless sound, enhancing the suround-sound effect.  In a home theater or a "full-range" music system, the 10-PH should be used with a subwoofer.

The use of a single, proprietary high fidelity 3-inch speaker reduces the size and weight of the cabinet and provides a consistent sound quality as you walk through the room without the "frequency lobing" phase effects associated with 2-way speakers.  The Wright Audio 10-PH actually sounds better than many 2-way designs using a separate tweeter.

The speaker may be adjusted to the correct height with the addition of decorative gold-colored chain (6 inches of chain for each speaker included).

The speaker's wire is routed around the suspension hoop where it can either disappear into the ceiling or be placed to the nearest corner of the room and down to the floor using Wiremold or similar adhesive cord channels for a clean look.

The cabinets' acrylic mirrors on three sides and the bottom reflect the nearby walls to further blend with its surroundings.

The Wright Audio Surround - Ambience 10 is the choice of home theater, music lovers and interior decorators requiring an attractive but unobtrusive  speaker.

Wright Audio 10PH Ceiling-Suspended Speakers-Warm White

      Wright Audio 10PH Mirrored   Wright Audio 10PH Mirrored


 *  Recommended for use in rooms from approximately 1000 to 2000 cubic feet.  Use multiple pairs for larger areas.

 *  Decorative swivel suspension ceiling hardware, chain and plant cup included.  Speaker will accommodate an 8" bottom diameter pot.  Plant(s) shown not included.

 *  Cabinet Size: Approximately 6 1/2" wide  x  6 1/2" deep  x  5 1/2" high.  Overall size including suspension hoop:  17"  x  23" high

 *  Frequency Response:  100 Hz to 18KHz.  8 ohms impedance.

 *  Maximum power handling: 20 watts.

 *  Total weight (without plant):  3 lbs.  Maximum total suspension weight recommended: 12 lbs.

 *  Utilizes Wright Audio's replacement front baffle feature for future upgrading / non-obsolescence.

 *  Designed and Made in the U.S.A. using U.S. and Global components.

$320 / Pair
U.S. Shipping:  $28


Available only directly from Wright Audio.

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