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Wright Audio
Mirrored, Two-Way Non-Resonant Speaker System

Aristocrat Mirrored Speaker System



The Aristocrat's floor-standing design places the woofer / midrange and tweeter at ear-level for seated listeners without requiring additional stands and permits the greatest flexibility of speaker placement for optimum sound quality.

The  woofer cabinet design eliminates lower mid-range and bass standing waves for a 'boxless', uncolored sound and nearly doubles the bass output from a single woofer.  This is the only cabinet design which completely dissipates the woofer's rear wave, yet it is rarely seen in the commercial marketplace due to its relatively complex and costly construction.  Bass response is solid with an 'open' and airy quality.

The premium quality metal alloy tweeter and 6 1/2" woofer combination is the optimum-size driver complement in a 2-way design for full, well-balanced sound quality.  With the non-resonant cabinet, the system produces a huge soundstage which has to be heard to be believed.

This speaker system has been engineered to be compatible with nearly any solid-state receiver or amplifier.

This speaker is a perfect match for the Wright Audio Royale SE2 and SE610 Integrated Amplifiers or the L-5 Preamplifier with the Royale SE Power Amplifier.  It is compatible with most other amplifiers.

The cabinets are finished in glass mirrors on the side and lower front with  bevel-glass mirror tops.  The additional cabinet density and nearly one-inch cabinet wall thickness provided by the mirrors further improves sound quality over other speaker systems.  

In addition, the Aristocrat blends in with any decor by reflecting the nearby floor and walls.


-  Recommended listening distance:  8 to 14 feet.

- Frequency Response: 55 cps to 15,300 cps @ 2 db down points.

- Sensitivity:  90 dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

-  Impedance:  8 ohms

-  Power Handling Capacity:  50 watts continuous.

-  Size:  46 inches high x 11 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches deep.

-  Net weight:  78 lbs each.

Price:  $1850 / Pair


Please contact directly at: to audition.

Due to the glass-mirrored cabinet, this item is available only for special delivery in Oregon, California or Washington.

Only available directly from Wright Audio.

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