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Wright Audio

Mini Speakers
Pyle Amplifier

Available in Warm White (shown) and Black.

The Wright Audio Mini Speakers are designed specifically for the difficult acoustic and speaker placement problems inherent in kitchens and bathrooms, but they excel in any circumstance requiring excellent voice intelligibility and clear sound for music.

While they have a frequency characteristic providing clarity in the noisier environments of a kitchen or bath, they do not sound 'thin' or 'tinny'.  Although they cannot produce bass tones, the midrange is exceptionally smooth and clear with gently rising high frequences.  They do not sound like they look!

They are ideal when there is no surface space for a speaker and in-wall or in-ceiling mounting is not practical.

Conventional speakers placed on kitchen or bath countertops and shelves are susceptible to liquid damage, take up valuable counter space and sound poor with this placement.  Conventional speakers also sound poor when mounted onto the wall and especially so near the ceiling.

The Mini Speaker is acoustically designed for mounting near the junction of the wall and the ceiling with its included ceiling / wall mount.  The mount pivots and tilts the speaker in any direction.  The wire can either disappear into the ceiling or be placed to the nearest corner of the room and down using Wiremold (or similar) adhesive cord channels for a clean look.

The single 2 1/4" driver with a coated aluminum alloy diaphragm acts as a point source.  In a high-activity area, a listener can move at wide angles to the speaker and still experience a smooth, clear and consistent sound field, free of the 'combing' frequency effects of a 2-way system with a separate tweeter, a speaker which would necessarily be several times larger.

Tip:  Mounting each speaker on opposite sides of the room creates an involving 'surround-sound' effect and is recommended if possible. 

For a companion amplifier, a Pyle PCA1 'mini' analog amplifier measuring just 6 x 4 x 2 inches is included for use with these speakers.  This analog amplifier's tiny size, sufficient power and sweet sound make it an excellent match.  It includes connecting cables for any small device with an analog output.

The small but rugged two-inch driver does have excursion and thermal limits and use of this amplifier makes an accident with damage far less likely to happen.

The Wright Audio Mini Speaker and Pyle Amplifier combination is the best solution for these problematic rooms and situations.



  *  Cabinet Size:  Only 4 3/4" W x 3 3/4" H x 2 1/4" D

  *  Weight:  Only 1 lb, 2oz.

  *  Cast aluminum, thick-wall enclosure.

  *  Speaker is water-resistant (not waterproof) for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms.
  *  Large binding posts.

  *  Maximum Power Handling: 15 watts per channel.

  *  Recommended Listening Distance:  Up to 10 feet.

  *  Recommended Maximum Room Size: 150 square feet.
  *  Frequency Response: 200Hz to 18,600 Hz
  *  Impedance:  4 ohms  


$195 / Pair (Warm White)
Includes the Pyle Amplifier, ceiling-wall mount and hardware.

U.S. Shipping: $38

Please note there is a $15 restocking fee for this item if returned.


Available only directly from Wright Audio.
Please contact -

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