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The Wright Audio PH - 3 Phono Stage
with Separate Tube Power Supply

The Wright Audio PH - 3 Phono Stage accepts the output from a turntable equipped with a moving magnet type or high - output moving coil cartridge. 

The separate tube power supply eliminates all mechanical and electrical interference from an internal power supply.  In addition, there are separate Left and Right Channel tube power supplies for increased channel separation resulting in more accurate sonic imaging and dimensional sound.  Use of a
choke-filtered tube power supply also seems to increase the sound's apparent purity and resolution.

 A manual 'mute' switch is inlcuded which can prevent transient pulses created when the stylus is placed on or taken off the record.

An hourmeter is provided to keep track of elapsed time on the tubes and the power supply can accommodate a second PH - 3 Phono Stage for another vinyl setup.

 All  parts in the Preamplifier and Power Supply are extremely conservatively operated at a small fraction of their rating for very long life.  This product was designed and assembled in the United States using U.S. and Global components.

This uniquely musical component presents an even top to bottom frequency balance,  great clarity and an excellent soundstage which will have you rediscovering your vinyl collection! 



Features and Specifications

* For use with moving-magnet or high-output moving-coil cartridges. 

* Separate channel lights indicate high-voltage status.

* Unit does not invert phase.

* Mute switch

* Military-specified parts chosen based on listening tests. 

* All point-to-point wiring.  No circuit boards.   This makes possible future circuit modifications and upgrades by Wright Audio practical with no obsolescence of the product.

* Length of interconnecting cable between the PH-3 Power Supply and Phono Preamplier is 23 inches. 
Although the units may be stacked, lowest noise will be obtained by placing the preamplifier at least 3 inches above the power supply or place the units side-by-side for best results.

* Black anodized aluminum with gold lettering and solid dark oak side panels.

* Preamplifier unit only size:  18"W x 13"D x 6"H

* Weight:  6 lbs.

PH - 3 Power Supply

* Can accommodate two PH - 3 Preamplifiers.

* Tube Complement:  Two matched EZ81 / 6CA4

* Hourmeter keeps track of all tube life. 

* Detachable IEC Power Cable

* External fuse

* Dimensions:  18"W x 13"D x 6"H

* Weight:  18 lbs.

* Power Requirement: 120 Volts AC

* THREE YEAR WARRANTY (Tubes: 3 Months)

*  Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. using U.S. and Global components.

Prices and Specifications are subject to change.

Please read the Instruction Manual before purchasing.



 PH - 3 Preamplifier and Power Supply -  $1795

Additional PH - 3 Preamplifier Unit Only - $1150

Shipping by quotation.

Available only from Wright Audio.

Due to the pandemic, many electronics companies have had problems procuring both custom and stock parts.  Some suppliers which have been in business for decades have gone out of business entirely. 

This has affected us by having to delay the introduction of new products by a year or more as well as being able to restock existing products.

While the situation is beginning to improve, the PH - 3 Phono Stage will initially be available only in low quantities and by reservation with no obligation.

Contact Wright Audio at or call (971) 983-8012 between 9AM and 6PM Pacific Time Mon. - Sat. to order or be placed on the waiting list.  Thank you.


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