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Broaden the Flexibility of Your Wright Audio Music System

The Wright Audio PH - 2 Phono Stage
with Separate Power Supply

The Wright Audio PH - 2 Phono Stage accepts the output from a turntable equipped with a moving magnet type or high - output moving coil cartridge.  It may be used with the L-5 and its PS-2 Power Supply as a set or used with other manufacturers' line preamplifiers when purchased with the  PS-2 Power Supply.

The separate power supply eliminates all mechanical and electrical interference from an internal power supply.  The Phono Stage features separate Left and Right Channel power supply capacitor banks for increased channel separation resulting in excellent sonic imaging and dimensional sound.  A manual 'mute' switch prevents possible damaging transient pulses created when the stylus is placed on or taken off the record.

This uniquely musical component presents an even top to bottom frequency balance,  great clarity and an excellent soundstage which will have you rediscovering your vinyl collection! 

Features and Specifications

  • For use with moving magnet and high - output moving coil cartridges -- Sensitivity 2.0 mv.  Standard input impedance: 47K ohms
  • Signal - to - noise ratio: 83 dB 'A' weighted, reference 5 mv.
  • Drives input impedance of 30K ohms or higher.

  • Tube Complement: (3) ECC83 matched-section tubes.
  • Unit does not invert phase.
  • Military - specified parts chosen based on listening tests.
  • Mute switch.
  • Separate left and right channel capacitor banks for cleanest channel separation.
  • Length of the interconnecting power cable from the PH - 2 is approximately 26 inches.
  • Black anodized aluminum with gold lettering and solid, dark oak side panels.
  • Size: 18"W X 8"D X 5" H
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

PS - 2 Power Supply:

  • Size: 18" W x 8"D x 4 1/4" H.
  • Detachable IEC cable.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

  • Power:  120 volts AC.

Instruction Manual


"I have invested in audio equipment at all price levels my entire life.  Honestly, the value, construction and MOST IMPORTANT "the sound" of the Wright Phono Stage is incredible.  So natural and easy to listen to.  Compared to many other much more expensive audio equipment I have invested in, this is truly outstanding sound at a very reasonable price.  Also the owners at Wright Audio are very helpful and just plain nice people.   Highest Recommendation!"  Dick Kochanek

PH-2 Phono Stage with PS-2 Power Supply

U.S. Shipping:  $35



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