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The Wright Audio
Royale SE
Single-Ended Triode Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Wright Audio Royale SE2A


The Wright Audio Royale SE Series 2A Integrated Amplifier is an 'all-in-one', single-ended, triode-connected tube stereo amplifier.  It is characterized by a more vivid, clear and harmonically-rich sound with greater dimensionality than solid-state, Class D or higher-powered 'push-pull' amplifier types.

It accepts three analog sources of any type except phono and utilizes only six tubes.  A separate phono preamplifier stage is required for use with a phono cartridge.  The amplifier is compatible with all modern digital sources as long as an analog output is provided.

This model was created to be used in conjunction with a powered (sub)woofer system.  Using a separate powered woofer relieves the amplifier of most of the power-robbing bass duty enabling the system to play as loud as one could want in an average-sized listening room with speakers having a sensitivity of least 90 db / 1 watt / 1 meter.

The Royale SE Series 2 Integrated Amplifier provides greater clarity and more dynamics than other tube single-ended designs.  This is due to a careful selection of parts. a circuit topology and operating parameters all chosen for sound quality through extensive listening tests.  A custom-made, matched-channel Alps conductive plastic volume control, polypropylene and foil capacitors and output transformers created for wide bandwidth and high resolution have been employed.  The amplifier requires no maintenance or adjustment other than normal tube replacement.

Completely separate left and right channel power supply capacitors ensure added channel separation for lifelike stereo imaging.  There are no solid-state devices, integrated circuits, transistors or circuit boards in the amplifier.

The Royale SE Series 2 Integrated Amplifier includes several features for the discriminating listener and advanced audiophile:

1.)  3 line inputs
2.)  A preamplifier section output with its own front-panel volume control to conveniently and independently adjust the bass output level for the (sub)woofer according to taste and the program source quality. 
3.)  A recording output which can also be used for a separate headphone amplifier, a Bluetooth or FM Stereo transmitter for 'whole house' music distribution.

Whatever the configuration, the Wright Audio Royale SE Series 2A Integrated Amplifier will suddenly involve you more intimately with the music you love.



  • *  Recommended for use with speakers having an efficiency rating of at least 90 db / 1 watt / 1 meter.  7 watts per channel power output.
  • *  Frequency Response: 25 to 40,000 cycles, within 1 db.
  • *  Tube complement: (3) 6922 or 6N1P, (1) GZ34 / 5AR4, (2) EL34, 6CA7 or KT77 tubes connected in triode mode.   No other tube numbers accommodated.
  • *  Controls: Power, Selector (CD, Tuner, Spare), Left and Right Channel Level Presets (eliminates the 'half-set' Balance control for better sound), Volume, Bass (when used with external subwoofer amplifier-crossover system.)
  • *  Accommodates all standard analog line-level sources or digital sources with an analog output.   For Phono use a separate phono preamplifier stage is required.
  • *  Recording output which can also be used for a stand-alone headphone amplifier or 'whole house' transmitting system such as Bluetooth.

  • * Electronic Noise:  Inaudible.
  • *  Preamplifier output with separate volume control for a subwoofer amplifier / crossover provides bass volume control independently and conveniently -  at the amplifier. 
     *  Vacuum tube, choke-filtered power supply provides the highest resolution, most pure sound
    and slow warm-up for longer parts life.
  • *  Speaker Outputs accommodate speakers of 6 to 16 ohms impedance.

    *  High quality RCA jacks and heavy duty, 30 amp - rated, 5 - way speaker binding posts accept banana plugs.

  • *  Externally - mounted fuse.
  • *  Detachable IEC power cable.
  • *  RoHS compliant parts used where applicable.
  • *  All point - to - point wiring.  Non-obsolescent construction.  No circuit boards for ease of installation of upgrades or repairs.
  • *  Glossy, black-anodized aluminum heavy-duty chassis (one-eighth inch thick top panel) for lowest electrical and mechanical noise. 
  • *  Size: 16 1/4" W  x  13 3/4" D  x  9" H
  • *  Net weight: 26 lbs;  Shipping weight: 36 lbs
  • *  Available in 120, 220 240 volt 50 / 60 cycle versions.  
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY ((Tubes: 3 months)

  • *
     Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with U.S. and Global components.

Wright Audio Royale SE2A BACK


Royale Series 2A Instruction Manual

"I just wanted to tell you how much I like the amp that I purchased from your company.  The sound is wonderful and fills the living room with music that is as close to a live performance than one could hope.  I recently played some classical music for the Choral Director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and he was absolutely astonished how realistic and rich a sound I was able to achieve...I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your company on the web and that I purchased this amp.  I couldn't have done better."  Michael (CA)

"Fabulous product."  Jerry L. (FL)

""Cannot thank you enough for producing such an outstanding product."  Marc (NY)



Shipping:  $68 (Continental U.S.)


Available only directly from Wright Audio.
Please allow an additional two days for shipping the 220 / 240 Volt version.

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